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Meet Veronica

Wellness Coach, Osteopath & HR Consultant

My name is Veronica and I was born near Turin. Since I was a child I have been full of interests and passions and every 2 or 3 years I changed my mind about “what I would have done when I grew up”. Until, in a very special way, I discovered osteopathy. From that moment a love was born and it  shows no signs of diminishing.


Having the chance to help people get better with their bodies makes me happy and makes me love my job more and more.


Over the years, however, I have broadened my horizons: following classes and doing schools in various parts of the world, thus constantly increasing my skills to help the person in front of me to the best of my ability.


 I learned that working on the body does not only affect it, but also our emotional and mental part.

Having a positive impact on all aspects of the person is what makes the difference, in my opinion, to achieve long-lasting well-being.

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