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Do you need an osteopath?

Do you ever have recurring pains, even very annoying ones?  And after going to the doctor  you heard "there is nothing, take an anti-inflammatory a few days"?

No! It is not your doctor who is not good enough and no! It is not an imaginary pain. You simply need an osteopath!

But what is osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a manual therapy that does not require the use of any instrument, except the osteopath's hands. It is based on the concept that the body is a unit that must be evaluated as a whole, especially because, very often, the symptom and the real cause are very far from each other.

The number of back pains caused by intestinal problems, for example, far exceeds those caused by poor posture or some careless gesture.


Therefore the osteopath, in his work, will observe the body in its entirety, evaluating both the structural part (such as bones and joints), and the visceral part (internal organs, such as stomach, liver, intestine) and the craniosacral part (which regulates the rhythms of the body, such as that of sleep - wakefulness). 

Everyone can have enormous benefits from osteopathic treatments, but let's proceed in order:


  • infants: many babies shortly after delivery begin to experience symptoms such as colic, reflux, difficulty in falling asleep , and so on. Having an osteopathic checkup immediately after birth can prevent them from showing up. Their cause in many cases is a complicated birth, a too long or too fast delivery, or a separation between baby and mother soon after birth;

  • children: in the growth of each child there are various stages of development, such as crawling, starting to walk, etc ... children often fall, tumble, slam, while having their first experiences. After a moment they are back on their feet and everything looks fine. This development is right and healthy, but checking every now and then that everything has remained "aligned" is important for optimal growth;

  • adults : adult life bring us other challenges. Stress exhausts our body eating all the energy we have, staying many hours at the desk or in the car certainly does not help us and often, for us women, in addition to the classic pains, a very painful period, with strong headaches or difficulties in getting pregnant (although everything is fine from the various tests).  



These are just some examples of how osteopathy can help you. If you want to know if it is suitable for your problem, contact me and we will talk about it.


We are not just made up of skin, organs, nerves and vessels. Our emotions have a strong impact on our well-being and on our body.


Often, when we hear about a psychosomatic problem, people ask me “so I'm not really sick?!Is it all in my head? "


This is not quite the case.


A psychosomatic symptom is physical pain, usually in an area where the body is weaker (where you may have already suffered trauma, or have had pain in previous years). When an event occurs that creates very strong emotions that cannot be vented completely, a physical pain appears and does not go away.


The real cause usually is not found even by carrying out in-depth medical examinations.


That, very often, is psychosomatic pain.

It is real, it is physical, but it does not depend solely on your body.


Stress is the biggest and most common cause of psychosomatic pain , but anger, fear, sadness are also often to blame.


When we do not allow ourselves to express emotions, when we have been taught that it is not right to have certain feelings and therefore we feel wrong, when we pretend that everything is fine, the body begins to complain and does so more and more strongly, until we do not finally give it the necessary attention.


They can manifest themselves:


  • very strong physical symptoms with no apparent cause;

  • anxiety and panic attacks;

  • insomnia;

  • chronic fatigue;

  • headache;

  • difficulty digesting;

  • dizziness.


These are just some of the options of what can happen to your body, but targeted treatments and with a specific technique created by me,  can help you release both physical and emotional tensions.

Ancora ostepatia psicosom
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